5 Must Do’s to Prepare for Your Yearbook Delivery

Yay! You’re done with your yearbook! All you have to do now is wait for them to arrive. Here are 5 things you should do in preparation for your book delivery:

  1. Observe the 48 hour rule – Do not say anything negative about the book or find any errors for 48 hours. You and your students have worked hard and you deserve to celebrate your accomplishments.
  2. Remember that it’s the process, not the product – The yearbook is done by students, and it is truly incredible what they have produced. There will be mistakes, and that is OK.
  3. Don’t panic – If you find a major error or omission, call your rep! We have quick and easy fixes for many common errors. (Example: If you find inappropriate copy and your book is printed on 100# paper, you can remove type with a pencil eraser.)
  4. Secure your books – Yearbooks are a hot commodity, and even the best kids can be tempted. Store your books in a safe location with limited access. Organized, supervised distribution can minimize the potential for theft.
  5. Overrun copies – Sometimes, the plant sends extra books to cover damages and additional sales. You are charged for these books on your final invoice. If you find a damaged book or do not sell the extra copies, tear out the title page of those books and return them with your bill for a credit (HJ Customers only. For overrun policy of other printers, please contact your rep).

Here’s to a happy delivery and stress-free distribution! Whatever you do, remember to take time and congratulate you and your staff for a job well done!!!

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