“H is for HIP Coverage” – Are your stories H.I.P. enough?

atozpostcards_hfront“Hip” isn’t just another 1960s word for cool—it also reminds you of good coverage. Ask if your stories are . . .

  • Happening? Your coverage and design are happening, meaning you are dealing with content from 2009/10, not 1993
  • Interactive? Watch TV, pick up a magazine, observe the world around you. The information superhighway is making this an interactive world. Your coverage should reflect this
  • Progressive? Absorb the world around you and translate that into your yearbook coverage. Strive for original, progressive ideas. So, rather than ask students about their DMV tests, go with them, getting quotes from the DMV instructors and photos of a nervous student standing in line

*This entry is part of “The Yearbook Ladies’ A to Zs of Yearbook”
project. If you’d like to download the “H” card, go to the “Adviser
Resources” section of www.theyearbookladies.com

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