How to Determine Your Ad Prices

Ads are a great way to raise money for your yearbook program, so when determining your ad prices, make sure you are making money off them. How do you do that?

  1. First, find out from your rep how much it will cost to buy more pages.
  2. Let’s say it costs you $400 to get 4 more pages (just so we have an easy number to work with). That means it’s $100 a page.
  3. Therefore, you should charge $200 for a full-page ad. This way, for every page you sell, you get one free to use in the book for other coverage (or in your bank account for a new camera, etc…)
  4. Half of $200 is $100, but that doesn’t mean you sell a 1/2 page ad for $100. You have to add a little to this to give people an incentive to upgrade to a full-page. Based on this idea, your ad prices should look something like this:
    • Full page ad – $200
    • Half page ad – $125
    • 1/4 page ad – $75
    • 1/8 page ad – $45
    • 1/16 page ad – $30
  5. Notice that when I double the price of a 1/16 page ad, it’s $60. Therefore, it’s a value for them to buy the 1/8 for $45. Got it?
  6. Also, don’t worry if no one buys a full page ad. You actually make more money selling the smaller ads. For example, 16 1/16-size ads a= $480! Selling that entire page to one person would only get you $200.

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