In this week’s “ACLU sues a Yearbook” news…

ceara_marqueeOkay, so you think that parent-that-got-mad-at-you-because-you-misspelled-her-kid’s-name is bad, well be happy you’re not the school being sued by the ACLU this week. Apparently, a Mississippi high school refused to publish Ceara Sturgis’ Senior photo because she was wearing a tuxedo. The photo in question is to the left.

For more information, you can read the press release from the ACLU on their website here.

How would your yearbook staff handle this situation? (feel free to share below…)

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One thought on “In this week’s “ACLU sues a Yearbook” news…

  1. We had a similar situation this year– the photographer never even questioned that the “Taylor” who stepped in front of his lens in formal drape and pearls was, in fact, male. Ultimately our principal opted to simply call the parent and request a signed letter indicating that the parent was fine with his son appearing in the yearbook in a drape. I keep the letter on permanent file, case closed.

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