“K is for K.I.S.S.” – How to Keep It Sweet & Simple

atozpostcards_kfrontDeadline just around the corner? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Here are some tips to help you keep it simple:

  1. Need a layout in under 10 seconds? Use a template. Really. It’s okay. That’s what they’re there for!
  2. Need to fill some copy? Do an ESPN-style Q & A, and let their answers be your copy. Can’t find the time to meet? Do it over email. This allows the interviewee more time to think of answers. You also don’t risk the chance of misquoting someone.
  3. Need photos? Ask friends, teachers, coaches, and parents to send you what they’ve got. They all took photos at the game/dance/fundraiser…
  4. Need captions? Follow the easy caption formula. (See the “C” card for more info)
  5. Need a sidebar? Do a quick “What’s in your backpack/locker/binder/trunk/etc… poll”.

*This entry is part of “The Yearbook Ladies’ A to Zs of Yearbook”
project. If you’d like to download the “K” card, go to the “Adviser
Resources” section of www.theyearbookladies.com

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