“M is for Motivation” – How to Keep Your Staff Happy

We know what it’s like: deadlines, missing pictures, lots of stress. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that production seems to come to a standstill. So how do you keep your students going through even the toughest circumstances? First, appoint a staff social director, and then try these methods of motivation:

  • Celebrate staff birthdays and 1/2 birthdays (for those born during the summer months.)
  • Institute a “Staffer of the Month” award with a small token of recognition: a crown or sceptor for the day, a Staffer of the Month certificate, and a perpetual plaque or poster on the wall. Throw in a cake, cupcakes, doughnuts or cookies, and you’ve got a great 10 minute celebration!
  • Plan a theme (think The 80’s, Pirates, Disney, Valentine’s Day) for each deadline week or deadline work night.
  • Decorate the room, have students bring theme-related food, and play a mixed CD of theme-related music. You’ll be surprised at how much work gets accomplished when fun is in the air!

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4 thoughts on ““M is for Motivation” – How to Keep Your Staff Happy

  1. Hello,
    I am enjoying your website and seeing some valuable help for our yearbook next year. I also like the concise and very creative “A to Z postcards”. Is it possible to get a “set” of them ? I can download a copy of some of them, but cannot find the link suggested to get them. The “M” only partially opens. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Beth,
      Look for an email with the link to the entire set. Let us know if you have any problems accessing the link.

      1. Hi,
        I’m also looking for the link to download these but can’t find it. I did email 2 years ago but never received a reply.

        1. Hi Tat,
          I’m sorry we did not respond to you before. I will send you a copy of the “M” card via email.

          Happy Yearbooking!

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