New Look! New Posts! Same me! has gotten a makeover! It was all with you in mind! Although I’ll still be loading you up with fun and easy ways to teach yearbook, I’ll also be letting you in the latest yearbook news from all corners of the world.

Meanwhile, you’ll notice that is now That’s right, I’ve expanded (and I don’t just mean my waistline from all the Valentine’s goodies I’ve been munching on). I’m joining forces with 3 of the greatest yearbook nerds I know (or “Yerds” as we call them), who also happen to be my very close friends. Carla, Elizabeth, and Michele are all former yearbook advisers as well, who work with schools in the South Bay/Silicon Valley and the Monterey Peninsula.

What does it mean for you? Well, 4 times the amount of knowledge, 4 times the amount of ideas, and 4 times the amount of resources! More info will be available at later this Spring. Here’s a preview…

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As always, I would love to hear your feedback. Post a comment below or email me:

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