STOP! Before you enlarge all those photos to fill your yearbook spread, watch this video!

My 4-year-old daughter was very proud to show me the artwork she did in pre-school the other day. She pointed out the use of a variety of colors and how she nicely filled every spot on the page. “Awwww, signs of a beginning designer,” I thought. “She was afraid to leave any white space.” (Of course, I didn’t say this out loud. I’m not that cruel.)

But if you find yourself with an empty yearbook lay-out and not enough content to fill it up, you don’t need to enlarge that photo so it fills half the page or increase the font size to 16. Repeat after me, “White space is good. White space is our friend.”

Then watch this video by “Before and After Magazine” showing you how to create a layout when you don’t have enough content to fill the page…

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