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December Checklist

Amid the hustle and bustle of yearbook deadlines, the holidays are upon us, too. So here's your December checklist to help keep the craziness of yearbook to a minimum this holiday season. Merry, merry!   Hand out/Send your holiday greeting...continue reading

How to Create Enticing Yearbook Copy

(The following article appeared in our Discoveries magazine, Volume 13, Issue 2) So how do we create enticing yearbook copy that readers will care about and still maintain journalistic standards? The answer is easier than you may think; by using...continue reading

November Yearbook Checklist

    The weather is getting chilly, leaves are falling, the days are shorter--which means it's time for your November Yearbook Checklist. Go ahead--print it out and feel good about checking things off! You should receive your cover and endsheet...continue reading