“The memories you could be saving” (a Geico-inspired yearbook ad)

"The Memories You could be Saving."
“The Memories You could be Saving.”

As I was driving from school to school the other day, I couldn’t help but notice how many Geico billboards there are.  At every stoplight, I felt as though I was being watched.  I’d turn around, and there was yet another Geico billboard. Then I thought, “There are probably just as many billboards for other companies, but I don’t notice them as much because they’re not staring at me!”

Then it hit me! Many of my schools have been asking me for tips to increase sales and/or marketing ideas. Well, if I were still an adviser, I would be stealing (ummmm, I mean “borrowing”) Geico’s successful campaign!

So, I came back to the office and quickly put together a “yearbook with eyes”.

  • Go to www.theyearbookladies.com and click on “Adviser Resources” to download your copy.
  • Photocopy them
  • Cut them out
  • Put them EVERYWHERE! On lockers, in the office, peaking out of classroom windows, in the trees, in the locker rooms, … You get the idea.

You can also download a mini-poster with the same yearbook and the tagline “The memories you could be saving.” Hang these up in hallways with info on how to buy a yearbook. If you have a poster machine at your school, blow them up bigger.

I know that there are some of you who are much more talented at Photoshop than I am, and could probably make a better poster. Feel free! Everyone else, do whatever you want with these. Even if you don’t use them, I hope this helps get you thinking about how to market your book! Either way, have fun!!! And good luck!!!

*If you do try this campaign at your school, we would love to hear your story! Share it below… Or let us know if you came up with your own advertising-inspired idea!

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