Photos with Popping Color

Ahhh, September. That wonderful month of beginnings. .  .the beginning of Fall, the beginning of a new school year, the beginning of yearbook production. Yes, all is new and exciting–and stressful! You’ve chosen a theme, both the verbal and the visual. The cover is designed and it’s awesome! Your endsheets are finished, and they’re awesome, too. But it doesn’t end there. Those division pages. . .they’ve got to have photos, and those photos have to be amazing! They have to represent the sections they introduce, they have to be integrated into a design that reflects your theme, and you really want them to stop your readers in their tracks. How can photos do all that?

How about with a little help from you! Try using a black and white photo with just a little bit of strategiclly placed color? It’s simplier than you think!

Check out the one I did following the simple instructions I found here:


For more inspiring images, take a look  at this collection:

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