More flexibility. More visibility options. More user options. And with the integration of CANVA, we’ve got some new tools that are going to blow your yearbook mind. This turns the page. It’s yearbook done right.

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Remove backgrounds from any photo with just a click? Cut it out!

Want your photos to make an impact? Canva’s got filters for that.

Creating graphics is an art. With Canva, we’ve got you covered.


Working with Photos

Upload your photos to the library or the page from your computer or your Google Drive. It’s a breeze!

Look through the photos you need in the size you need right on the page. Then drop ’em like they’re hot.

Cropping a photo just became the easiest thing on the page. We know. It brings a tear.

Page Design

This is just flipping amazing!

Saving elements to use on other pages just got easier. And that means more consistency without all the work.

Misspelled names can be a thing of the past with just a couple of clicks right on the page. It’s a g(n)ame changer.

This is yearbook done right. See more info and sneak peeks HERE.

Want to see a live demo? Schedule a time HERE.

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