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Looking for some teambuilding activities to help your staff get to know one another and build cooperation and teamwork? Check out THIS LIST for some of our favorites.

Download this PDF for even more ideas that can be used both in the classroom and adapted for distance learning.

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Design Tools 
CanvaA design site full of FREE beautiful and fun templates for social media posts that will encourage engagement.
PixlrA FREE online photo editing tool
The Amazon-equivalent for all your graphic design/font needs.
DaFontA site of FREE downloadable fonts
FontSquirrelAnother site of FREE downloadable fonts
CoolorsA great site to search trending color palettes and create your own
Another site for more color palettes and tools to create your own
Visme.comCreate professional infographics for FREE
Remove.bgRemove image backgrounds for FREE
Inspiration Tools 
IssuuA FREE site of all types of print inspiration. We recommend searching “magazines” and creating a free account to follow publications you love.
RBdigitalAn online library that’s an extension of your local library. Start at your local library’s site and sign up for an RBdigital account to “check out” magazines and books.
DribbleA place to browse creative work from the world’s best design professionals to see what’s trending and get ideas.
BehanceAn amazing amount of design ideas for all types of yearbook-related content, including graphic design, photography, branding, and typography.
AbduzeedoAnother site full of inspiration in all areas of design.

Production Tools
Clip DropApp for desktop & mobile. Extracts objects, people, drawings & text- just point & tap.   Check it out!!
OtterRecord a conversation/interview and convert to text notes all in one app! Amazing!
What Color
is This App
For iPhone and iPad–snap a photo and it will list options of colors in a variety of color libraries. So cool!
Photography Tools
Digital Photography SchoolTips, Tricks, Tools and weekly challenges to up your photography game.
Photography LifeA blog, lessons, and tips for all things photography.
SnapseedA photo-editing application for iPhone and Androids that enables users to edit photos with a full set of editing tools and apply digital filters quickly and easily. FREE on the App Store and Google Play.
VISCOA photography mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and a full palette of editing tools. FREE on the App Store and Google Play.
B & H PhotoA great place to buy camera equipment and accessories.