Whether you’re brand new to teaching yearbook or you’re a veteran adviser looking for new tools,


We’ve created the best curriculum in the business. From a digital First 11 Weeks guided lesson plans to a printed adviser guide with companion student workbooks with support powerpoints, videos and podcasts, we have options for all types of learners and teaching situations.

First 11 Weeks Guided Lesson Plans

As former yearbook advisers, we know how hard it can be to create yearbook lesson plans that cover all the different skills necessary for students to master in order to be successful staffers. Just pulling together the resources can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to advising. So, we’ve done all the prep work for you. Pulling from our experience as teachers and our years as yearbook reps, we’ve written digital daily lesson plans for each of the first 11 weeks of the school year. Each week’s folder includes 5 daily lessons on a specific yearbook topic with all the supporting materials –no need to search for examples, worksheets, PowerPoints, videos or activities–we’ve collected the best tools and newest resources available and put everything you need to present each lesson in each daily folder. If you teach on a block schedule, you can combine lessons or choose 2-3 each week that will work best for training your yearbook staff. It’s accessible, clear and concise, and all in one place.



The Welcome to YBK Adviser Guide provides step-by-step guidance on each section of the student workbook. It offers grading guidance, discussion topics, extension activities, recommended virtual workshop sessions and so much more as you move through the workbook with your students. The Adviser Guide also gives suggestions for what you can skip if you have a club or just want to hit the basics.


The 168-page workbook provides interactive learning for each major component of a yearbook. Itā€™s both entry-level and comprehensive at the same time allowing you to choose the lessons and activities that meet your students where they are.


For other FREEĀ curriculum tools, check out what’s available for new advisers HERE on Also check out the free video library HERE. Drop a note below if you’d like to connect with your local Varsity rep to hear more about curriculum options and support tools.

**Existing Varsity customers: you can access the full curriculum and related support materials with your log in credentials HERE on

4 thoughts on “Curriculum

    1. Hi Vi,
      There are lots of free curriculum resources on the Herff Jones Yearbook website There are also great video resources on the same website under Resources>Turn the Page Virtual Workshops.

      Welcome to the world of yearbooking, and we hope you have a fabulous year!

  1. I’d love access to this curriculum! I’m a new yearbook teacher, and could use all the help I could get!

    1. Hi Deena-Leigh,
      Thanks for asking!There is lots of curriculum help on Herff Jones’ website: There are also lots of amazing videos about all things yearbook from our virtual summer workshop on the same website under Resources>Turn the Page Virtual Workshop. We hope you find these tools useful as you navigate the world of yearbooks. We hope you have a wonderful, wonderful year!

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