We’re all about preparation and setup–for just about everything in life. And because solid preparation can be the difference between surviving or thriving a year in Yearbook Land, we wanted to put everything you need to get ready to roll into your 2024 yearbook all in one place. So think of this page as your go-to back-to-school one-stop shopping location. And if you can’t find something you need, let us know! Chances are we just forgot to pull it out of the “back room.”

Great staffers don’t always show up on your classroom doorstep–sometimes you have to reel them in. We have lots of tools to drop a hook or two and see what nibbles you get.

Recruiting PowerPoint

Social Media Posts

Recruiting Packet

Recruiting Posters and Flyers

There are lots of elements that go into planning and creating a yearbook, but let’s just focus on first things first. Below are links to the yearbook basics you need to get started on your 2024 yearbook: theme development, book organization and staff training.

Theme Basics Videos

Theme Basics Curriculum

First Month Curriculum

Planning Your Year and Yearbook

eDesign Overview Videos

eDesign Curriculum

Looking for more advanced yearbook resources? You can find lots more videos HERE and more curricula HERE.

We want to put in a quick plug for attending summer workshops: They are invaluable, IOHO. So many great things come out of the experience, whether you stay local or make it a staff “experience.” The energy, creativity, inspiration, training and bonding are at levels that cannot be replicated after school starts. Instead of spending the first month of school trying to create a theme, set up your book and train your new students all at the same time, the creative pieces and over-all plan for the yearbook are already in place (and sometimes even your final cover design!) Your returners/workshop attendees can begin flushing out the details and creating layouts while you/your editors focus on training your newest students. It’s truly worth the organization time and the few days of summer vacation. Cross our hearts!!


California Yearbook Academy

Additional info and registration HERE


Yearbook San Diego Summer Workshop

Additional info and registration HERE


Additonal info and Registration HERE (same content and instructors as above, just a different location in Southern California.

Yearbooks @thebeach

Additional info and registration HERE


Rocky Mountain Journalism

Additional info and registration HERE

Yearbooks Northwest

Website under construction


Yearbook Palooza

Register for in-person attendance HERE. Online registration coming soon.

If you have any questions about any of these summer workshops (or any others we can recommend), please ask us! We hope at least one option lights a little spark of interest as you beging thinking about 2024. You really don’t have to yearbook alone—we have lots of opportunitites and amazing people to help and inspire you and your students!