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Our Yearbook Holiday Gift to You

Our Yearbook Holiday Gift to You

If you are currently, or have ever been associated with a yearbook, you MUST watch this video! It's priceless! So, pour yourself a mug of Christmas hot cocoa, grab a warm blanket, snuggle in and enjoy our yearbook holiday gift...continue reading

Win a Deadline Party in Our YERD Photo Contest!

[caption id="attachment_1482" align="alignright" width="225" caption="An Arizona Designer Yerd prepares for Thanksgiving."][/caption] We are so excited to announce our first contest! And we're even more excited that it includes all Yerds--our Papercreaft Yerds, that is! We were inspired by this great...continue reading

6 Great Yearbook Commercial Ideas

Want to boost sales? Create a commercial for your yearbook! Play it during morning video announcements, post it on the school website, or just upload it to YouTube and pass the link around. Here are some of the best yearbook...continue reading