2020 Fall One-Day Theme Workshop


One Day Fall Theme Workshop

 Friday, August 21   

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

There are still lots of questions around what going back-to-school will look like. But one thing is certain…school will be in session. And now, more than ever is the time to make a plan for your yearbook to cover it all.  So we’re offering a FREE one-day all-virtual workshop to help you get it all started. The day is dedicated to theme development and strategies for carrying the theme throughout your yearbook so you will do more than survive…you will THRIVE.

Sessions will include:

      • developing a theme/concept specific to your school
      • establishing a strong voice for your yearbook
      • design elements that enhance your theme/concept
      • cover ideas/designs
      • content ideas that express both reflect your theme/concept and the experiences of the year
      • designated school work times throughout the event