One Day Adviser Workshop

One Day Adviser Workshop

July 30, 2020      9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

We understand. We were advisers just like you. We know how much work goes into putting a yearbook together in the BEST of times.  And we know that this may not exactly be the best of times. BUT…even in the best of times, the unexpected happens. Sometimes it’s ordinary: a broken camera, a lost SD card, an internet outage, a cancelled event, a forgotten assignment. Sometimes it’s extraordinary: a tragic loss, an unprecedented pandemic, a shelter-in-place order, a halted season, a postponed prom. But we don’t have to be undone or unraveled by it. We can flip it, we can spin it, we can pivot. This one-day advisers-only workshop is all about helping you make the pivot so you can do more than survive…you can THRIVE.

The day will include presentations and discussion sessions on:

      • organizing your staff for in-person and distance learning classes
      • organizing deadlines
      • distance learning teaching strategies for a yearbook class
      • spread topics and coverage ideas
      • design and coverage tools
      • creative ways to sell yearbooks
      • organizational tools for assignments and sales