Organization can be just an App away!

One of the major “issues” of almost every yearbook staff is communication and organization. There just has to be an easy way to keep track of what everyone is doing and an easy way to communicate swiftly and easily with everyone. Just because you assign someone to take pictures or conduct an interview does not mean that it will get done or that you will remember to follow up. The next thing you know, the spread is due and you were not aware that some element is missing  until it is too late.  No matter how wonderful your staff is, or how organized you are, some things just fall through the cracks. And then, how do you communicate with the parties involved?  Well, here are a couple of places that address those issues. One is from Google, and one is from a company called Behance. Check ’em out.

1.Schools from all over the globe, including 2 right here in Northern California are using Google Apps to stay organized and connected. If these apps work school wide, think how useful they would be for your staff ! Maybe you can be the one to get your entire school using free email! Check out the Official Google Blog at: Official Google Blog: Schools get the “App”titude across the globe


2. Our friend Dmitri Conom at Bellarmine College Prep  shared this organizational tool. Action Method Online is like a virtual Project Manager. It was created to “help organize the creative world to make ideas happen.” It is a combination of best practices from companies world wide, and woven into one package. First check out then check out the official website:

3. hj_planner_logoOf course Herff Jones’ Planner for use with InDesign is also be a great tool. While it does not have all the elements of the other two applications, it does help organize your ladder, page assignments and deadlines. It is yearbook specific so doesn’t offer areas for Action Plans and Project Timelines. Here’s what it can do:

  • Rearrange the pages in your electronic ladder without retyping a thing. Move, add or delete pages and the rest of the book adjusts automatically.
  • Add page information like staff assignments and layout specifics to make your ladder as detailed as you’d like. List team members, copy placement or secondary coverage ideas–you can add all the details you want.
  • Sort and print your ladder by page, deadline, subject or staff member. 
  • Build and label all the yearbook page templates for your book. No more templates without school name, job number and production method!
  • Track your yearbook page submissions to the plant. You’ll be able to review the status of every page and eliminate surprises when you think the yearbook is finished.

It’s a great organizational tool, and it’s already in your kit. Just load the CD onto ONE  computer, and you are ready to go. 

For a full demonstration, call your Herff Jones Sales professional. You can even get a chance to play with it yourself!

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