5 Yearbook Holiday Party Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and yerdy! So we thought we’d share 5 Yearbook Holiday party ideas for your yearbook class. Now, anyone who knows us knows how much we like a great party resplendent with decorations, yummy food and (especially) reindeer games. So, we do recommend a big yerdy celebration, but this year, we want to offer  some suggestions that are not only fun, but might make a difference in the lives of both your yearbook students and others around them.

1. Have a yearbook Holiday celebration. Decorate your work environment, play  games, sing holiday songs and eat lots of holiday cookies. Or, make it a classy event by dressing up and enjoying a holiday banquet at a local restaurant. If students are willing, have a re-gift exchange or new gift exchange with a dollar cap. Maybe it’s as simple as watching some classic holiday videos together in the classroom. It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate–just that you celebrate.

2. Share the true joy of the season through the gift of giving. What if you were able to extend the fun of exchanging gifts to a local classroom that needs some joy, or books, or whiteboards, or PE equipment? We’re talking about a classroom right in your own community. And what if your yearbook students got to pick which classroom project to support and how much they wanted to give? Intrigued? Check out DonnersChoose.org. You can search for projects in your local area and fund all or part of a project.

3. Go on a Holiday field trip and help feed the needy. Check out the volunteer opportunities at your local Food Bank and make it a part of your yearbook holiday party by signing up for a morning shift at the Food Bank and then going ice skating, caroling, or viewing your favorite holiday movie together. You can find the closest Food Bank to you at feedingamerica.org. The whole day will really boost your Holiday Spirits!

4. Become Elves. Host a holiday coat or food drive on your campus. Spread holiday cheer beyond your yearbook classroom walls to include all the students in your school by advertising your drive around campus. Be sure to tell them where the coats are going. Need a place to donate all the coats you collect? Onewarmcoat.org can help. Or check with one of your local shelters–especially shelters that help families or teens.

5. Change up your usual gift exchange. Instead of an internal yerdy gift exchange, have yearbook students use the money they would normally spend on the exchange gift to purchase a gift for a child in need. Toys for Tots is a great place to start if you don’t know of place in your city accepting toy donations. If you’d like help finding a local organization hosting a toy drive, just search “holiday toy drive in ‘your city’.” You’ll be amazed at list.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about how you can celebrate the season of giving in true yerd fashion. We’d love to know what you and your yearbook staff do to ring in the holidays! Don’t be shy…share your ideas here or on our Facebook page.

Oh, and Happy, Yerdy Holidays to you all!


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