At Herff Jones, “There’s an App for That!”


Herff Jones releases their new iPhone App for Yearbook. That’s right, an iPhone App for Yearbook! No, this doesn’t mean you have to start working on your spreads while you’re in line at the Supermarket. But it does mean that parents, students, and basically, anyone you want can upload photos right from their iPhone to your eDesign photo library. How cool is that!

Advertise this app to your entire school community to increase your coverage. Send out theme requests (i.e. “This week, we’re looking for pictures of your car/pets/bff…”). Have an iPhone photography contest and publish the winners. Run a strip along the bottom of each spread with iPhone submitted photos. The ideas are endless, but either way, you’re going to increase your coverage. And increased coverage = more book sales!

Best of all, it’s all free to Herff Jones schools. For more info, go to or search “Herff Jones” on your iPhone “App Store.”

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