Covering Current Trends in Your Yearbook from Harry Potter to Jeggings

I thought that title might get your attention. So what on EARTH could these two things have in common?

They are two current trends that are wildly popular at this moment in time. Ten years from now? Not so much. They place a stamp on the 2010-11 year. I mean, don’t you look at a Sony Walkman and just laugh? And do you even know what an 8-track tape is? (OK, maybe if you’re over 30…)

The sweet sound of cassette tapes

So, it’s really important to include the current trends, events, fashions, movies, songs, and fads in your yearbook that your students think will never go away. And, while you’re at it, don’t just grab trendy images off the internet! Involve your student body. Take pictures of freshmen standing in line at the theater to see “Tangled.” Get a shot of 7th graders with 40 silly bandz on their wrist. Set up a photo of students looking through the iTunes catalog in the computer lab. Who’s got an iPhone? An Android? Get ’em all together and take some photos.

These are always fun topics, so keep it light and easy to read. Quick surveys are great as well as a “He Said/She Said” sidebar. “What’s your least favorite trend this year?” Do you have extra space in your Index? That’s a perfect place to insert this kind of information. Challenge yourselves and attach current trends to the actual letter headings (“S is for San Francisco Giants winning the World Series.”)

Also, don’t forget the prices of items. I bet you all would be surprised to know that the Sony Walkman cost $115 in 1982. We will need that kind of perspective 20 years from now, remembering that Uggs were $130 and iTunes downloads were .99 cents.

However you approach it, have fun recording history and sharing with future generations all the things that made this a unique and memorable year.

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