Creating an Interesting and Informative Yearbook Index Design

Yearbook Index designs are boring.

Only if you let them be boring! There are lots and lots of ways to get your readers to stay in the index longer than it takes to look up their own names. And it can look cool, too.

Consider these ideas and examples:


Run current events coverage throughout the index. Cover fads, entertainment news, world news, etc. to bring readers into the pages.

The Guardian, Westfield High, Chantilly, VA

Feature your senior superlatives. Setting up great photo shoots for this popular feature adds interest and creativity to index pages.

Royal Purple, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Include sports teams and club photos. Be sure to reference the index page number for the group shot on the content spread.

Summit, Smoky Hill High, Aurora, CO
The Prowl, Powell Middle School
Carpe Diem, North Forsyth High, Cumming, CA

(Bold entries can be senior names, group photos, content page titles, or whatever you deem deserves the designation for added searchability.)

Don’t have room for all the group photos? No problem! How about just continuing theme elements?

Amonestar, Rodriquez High, Suisun City, CA

Continue theme graphics and colors. Enhance letter titles in the same manner.

Pilot, Redondo High, Redondo Beach, CA


How about extending coverage? Incorporate students whose names begin with the letter for each letter title. Throw in some students’ quotes for additional interest.

Kismet, Waterford Kettering High School

Are you inspired? Ready to build an index and extend your theme and student coverage?

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