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With so many questions still swirling around what school will look like through the coming year, the question we’re hearing a lot in the world of yearbook is, “What are we going to put on our yearbook pages if/when we’re not physically on campus?” Answering this question requires some out-of-the-box thinking–a virtual pivot in the way we approach yearbook.

To help you make that yearbook pivot, we have a set of 121 content creator sheets that will help you plan and gather content for your pages. There are even suggested page designs for your collected content. It’s about as close to yearbook-in-a-box as you can get!

STEP ONE: Need a topic for your academics section? Go to the table of contents and look for all the topics with green dots. Choose the topic that sounds the most interesting to you.


STEP TWO: Locate the content card by the associated page number and follow the directions on the card.

sample content creator card


STEP THREE: Click the topic name on page two to download a Google Form all ready to send out to your school community requesting their photos and information.


STEP FOUR: Use these social media posts to put out the call for photos to your school community.


That’s how to yearbook.

To learn more about this amazing tool for creating your yearbook pages, let us know in the comments below.

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