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If we learned anything about creating yearbook content over the last two school years, we learned that our school communities will help us tell the story of the year. If you ask, they will share. So we’ve decided to keep our content creator resources available this year for you to use as needed. With 121 different topics, we’re guessing there are still ideas you can use to fill your yearbook pages with the images and stories that matter to your students–and supplied by them!

STEP ONE: Need a topic for your academics section? Go to the table of contents and look for all the topics with green dots. Choose the topic that sounds the most interesting to you.


STEP TWO: Locate the content card by the associated page number and follow the directions on the card.

sample content creator card


STEP THREE: Click the topic name on page two to download a Google Form all ready to send out to your school community requesting their photos and information.


STEP FOUR: Use these social media posts to put out the call for photos to your school community.


That’s how to yearbook.

To learn more about this amazing tool for creating your yearbook pages, let us know in the comments below.

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      We would love to help you. If you contact us via email through the “contact us” tab we will happily share the direct link to our content creators.

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