Fake Yearbook Spreads for Twilight and Gaming Fans

I came across both of these fake yearbook spreads in the same day, so I had to post them. Alone, they’re not post-worthy (… at least not to me). But together, they once again show how much yearbooks are a part of our lives.

This is the cast of the movie New Moon, the 2nd in the Twilight series, currently in production. This fake yearbook spread of the cast was made by a fan for newmoonmovie.org


With a husband in the video game industry and a dad who bought me every video game console ever released since the first Atari (more as an excuse to get it for himself than really for me), I can’t help but appreciate this fake yearbook spread of famous video game characters posted on www.pwnordie.com, a site for gamers. They used video game “cosplayers” (short for “costume roleplayers”) instead of the animated ones to make the spread look more “real”…


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