February Yearbook Checklist


This month’s yearbook checklist to help keep you in love with yearbook. It’s a relatively short one (just like the month,) but there are a couple of important items you don’t want to forget.


images (1)Plan photography and coverage for spring sports. Contact all spring coaches to determine the best time to get some candid shots and make appointments for yearbook team pictures if they have not already scheduled them with their professional photographer. **This is the hardest coverage for every school!**


images (1)Plan a Valentine’s Day staff party. Make mailbox pouches like in elementary school and everyone writes “sweet” notes to each staff member. (“That was sweet of you to take the great basketball pictures this month,” etc.)


images (1)Expand your Valentine’s Day yearbook staff party to include writing “sweet” notes to administrators and others who have helped with the book in some way.


images (1)

Send a Valentine’s Day card to your CSA at the plant. 😉


images (1)Finalize your yearbook staff trip plans to JEA/NSPA and send in registration.


images (1)Submit deadlines on schedule and challenge class to get ahead on some pages to make the last deadlines easier.


images (1)Update the not-covered list and re-post.


images (1)Create an application process for recruiting new yearbook staff and editor positions. Set up dates for interviewing each person.


images (1)If you haven’t done so yet, design and order staff shirts to wear during yearbook distribution. Make them fun and maybe even related to your theme in a way that people at large won’t understand until they see the book.

That’s our short list for this month. What did we forget that you think is essential for yearbook staffs to do in February?

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