March Yearbook Checklist

shamrockThe March yearbook checklist is here. We know March is a really busy month and it’s really easy for things to get pushed to the side until there is more time, but who are we kidding…there is never more time in yearbook land. So, these are just a few important things we think you don’t want to put on the back burner.


images (1)Finalize photographers for spring sports and school events. If a professional photographer will be taking the photos, contact the studio to confirm dates and request a copy of the images as soon as they are available.


images (1)Post a current list of everyone who has purchased a yearbook so far and advertise it widely. Start to solve purchase problems now.


images (1)Triple check the ladder and your proof book to make sure all pages have content and can be submitted on time. Look for big mistakes that can still be corrected.


images (1)Create incentives for staff members to finish their final deadlines early.


images (1)Plan a way to celebrate your final page submission. It’s a big accomplishement–you deserve to celebrate!


images (1)Update not-covered list and make one final push to get students included more than one time.


images (1)Begin recruiting staff members for next year. If allowed, make appointments to visit art and English classes to give a short presentation about the benifits of being on yearbook staff. You can also put up posters around school and solicit recomendations from English and art teachers.


images (1)Start planning for distribution. If you have a distribution event, make inital contacts to secure location, date and times.

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