ETC 2012

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1.Who should come?

This is for your incoming 2011-2012 editors and advisers. Regular yearbook staff do not need to attend. Ideally, you would want to bring your main Editor-in-Chief, any co-editors, section editors, business/marketing/sales editors, design editors, theme editors, etc….

2.What will be covered?

Middle School and High School will be divided, but both will participate in 3 main sessions:

  • LEADERSHIP – We will go over the job of an editor vs an adviser, focusing on how to manage/organize/motivate your staff.
  • CONTENT/COVERAGE – How to choose/implement a theme, how to put together a theme packet, where to find/use inspiration, how to train your staff, and new yearbook trends.
  • PROMOTION – We will discuss using social media and other tools to get your school excited about their yearbook, even if it’s included in their tuition!

3.What should we bring?

Something to take notes and your last year’s yearbook for reference.

4.Can non-Herff Jones schools attend?

ABSOLUTELY! We will not be going over anything that is specific to Herff Jones. All skills learned will be applicable to any yearbook program, no matter which publisher you use.

5.How is this different than camp?

We will NOT be training on specific skills such as photography, design, copywriting, Photoshop, InDesign, eDesign, etc. These will be covered at camp for ALL staff members.

We also do not expect editors to create anything during ETC. They will be learning how to create a theme packet, but they will not do it here. They can choose to lead the staff in creating theme packets back at school or to create one at camp.

This is beneficial whether you are attending camp or not. If you do plan to attend camp, think of this as camp preparation. Your editors will know exactly what will be expected of them.

6.How do I get there?

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