Yearbook Rockstars

So, you may never hear the roar of 10,000 hysterical fans in a sold-out stadium. You probably won’t have to travel to 231 cities in 365 days on a luxury motor bus. And the odds are against ever lip syncing on SNL the night that Brad Pitt hosts with his entire family in tow. Instead, you get to hear the sincere praises and thanks from your friends and people you know. Here you travel from the yearbook room to the Key Club meetings to the football field to the biology experiment all in the same day and still sleep in your own bed at night. Certainly, you don’t need to fake a song when you open up the cardboard “Yearbook” boxes in June and crack open the beauty you’ve been creating all year. This is the real thing: the tangible, the permanent, the memories. In our book, that makes you a YRBK ROCKSTAR.

July 24-27, 2012
Bellarmine College Prep
San Jose, CA






  1. Complete the online form (above)
  2. Print out and complete the Emergency Info form below:
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. STUDENTS: You can either
      • Mail in your form with a check
      • Pay through PayPal and then mail your form
      • Give both your form and your check to your Adviser
    2. ADVISERS: You can either
      • Have students send in their forms/payment individually
      • Collect ALL forms and payments and send them together with one check


*Please help us with our bookkeeping: we cannot accept partial payments from either the school or the student.

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