YRBK ME Summer Camp


It’s all about you!

2013-Camp-StD-v2Really. Who knows you better than you? No one, right? So we’re letting you choose which aspects of yearbook you want to focus on by selecting the classes you take each day. Hone your strengths. Strengthen your weaknesses. Try something new. You decide.

Classes offered include:

  • Basic design
  • Advanced design
  • Secondary coverage / Infographics
  • Copy / Caption writing
  • Photography
  • Yearbook leadership, and more…
  1. Complete the online form (below)
  2. Print out and complete the Emergency Info form below:
  3. Do one of the the following:
    1. STUDENTS: You can either
      • Mail in your form with a check
      • Pay through PayPal and then mail your form
      • Give both your form and your check to your Adviser
    2. ADVISERS: You can either
      • Have students send in their forms/payment individually
      • Collect ALL forms and payments and send them together with one check

*Please help us with our bookkeeping: we cannot accept partial payments from either the school or the student.

July 23-26, 2013

Bellarmine College Prep
San Jose, CA

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