Yearbook Checklist for October

21579278_sYou’ve survived the first month (or more) of school and things are settling into place. But that first deadline is looming–so here’s a quick yearbook checklist for October you can print out and use in your classroom to help keep you on track:


images (1)Make final decisions on the cover, endsheets, division pages, and verify general book specifications with your rep. SUBMIT your cover and endsheets into production.


images (1)Finalize how you will accomplish complete coverage of ALL aspects of student life and adjust your ladder accordingly.


images (1)Fine tune fall sports, academics and clubs coverage (organizations are often times most active in the fall).


images (1)Check with your school photographer to get a date on the completed portrait CD. Request a hard copy directory proof with the disk for proofing before uploading or sending to the plant.


images (1)Put the date for your end of the year distribution party on the school calendar and reserve the facilities.


images (1)Take a yearbook staff picture. Make sure everyone is there. Be creative–find a way to connect your photo to your theme.


images (1)If not selected already, pick an index editor and have them learn the index program. He/She will start creating a “hit list” after the FIRST deadline.


images (1)Plan group/club photos. Find clipboards and add binder paper and pens to take to photo days so students can write down their names while standing in position.


images (1)Begin reserving ad space on pages.


images (1)Update scoreboards for the fall sports pages.


images (1)Look for your first invoice. If necessary, put in a check request as soon as possible to meet any early-payment deadlines for special credits.


Look for a new check list each month! We’re here to help!

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