Yearbook Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

It’s November and that means Thanksgiving. You know, that holiday squeezed in-between Halloween and Christmas. But it can be a real game-changer for a yearbook staff and even an entire school. So, how about hosting a yearbook Thanksgiving? Yes, I know this is a really, really busy time of year in Yearbook Land. Your first or even your second deadline is looming, mid-terms/finals are right around the corner, and the holiday shopping frenzy is beginning. But, it doesn’t take a lot of planning or time to share some thanks-giving with those around you. Why the hyphenated word, you ask? Because the best way to give thanks is to give. Consider including one of the following activities for your yearbook Thanksgiving party:


1. Be Thankful

  • Write thank you notes to every adult on campus: all the faculty, all the administration, all the support staff, and even the cafeteria and custodial staff. You can hand-make the cards or purchase them at your local dollar store–it’s the message in the card that matters most.
  • Plan a potluck Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire school’s faculty and staff. Buy or make a few decorations and set it all up in the faculty lounge/lunch room. Serve them all as they come in and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Have a yearbook staff Thanksgiving meal and spend some time sharing what you are each thankful for. Or, try this thankful board idea.



food-drive2. Be Giving

  • Consider hosting a school-wide Thanksgiving drive. Collect turkeys, coats, hats/mittens/scarves, pennies, etc. that  you can then donate to a local charitable organization.  There are so many worthy charities that accept holiday donations, so instead of listing some here, we recommend selecting one that connects the most with your yearbook staff.
  • Dedicate one afternoon or weekend day to serving in a local Food Bank, homeless shelter or senior center. It’s a big commitment but also has a big payout in the thankful department!
  • Check with your school administration for a struggling family or two on your own campus and put together an entire thanksgiving feast-in-a-box (including a few decorations) for them. This can be done without knowing the name/location of the family/families. All you need to know is the number of people you are feeding and a date for delivery. The administrator can handle the actual delivery/pick-up details. Note: most food collection/distribution sites recommend collecting and boxing up only the non-perishable items and including a grocery store gift card for the turkey, eggs, milk or other perishable items.


We are so thankful for each of you, and we hope your yearbook thanksgiving is fun, meaningful and maybe even starts a new tradition!

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