Video Announcements Create Yearbook Excitement

Where do you get your yearbook video ideas? Since many schools are now using video morning announcements for marketing the books, don’t let it end there. Now is the perfect time to create something that will get your student body excited about yearbook delivery AND share important information.

Here’s a cute spot from one of our high schools in Indiana:

[vimeo h=300&w=360]

Approximately 65% of the population learns visually so go ahead and indulge your student body. They are more likely to remember your information when they see their friends or recognize the location.

Helpful hints:

  • Create small groups to work on writing, filming and editing their video
  • If students are talking, be sure there is a mic attached to the camera (or that they don’t film outdoors)
  • Teach students where to find royalty-free music and the laws around copyright
  • Invite the administration in to view the final videos before playing them for the whole school
  • Challenge students to come up with fun and creative ideas besides people acting. Consider a silent film, stop motion photography, claymation, etc.
  • Remember that humor works best but be sure to keep it clean, kind, and age-appropriate

More examples of clever yearbook videos from around the country!

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