12 Ways to Boost Yearbook Sales

Need a last-minute boost in sales? Try some of these proven tips any time of the year:

  1. Auto-dail message home to parents
  2. Blast email to parents
  3. Start a mass chain text message that the books are on sale
  4. Make a rubber stamp that says, “Buy your Yearbook” and stamp hands the day before a big sale day
  5. Make a commercial to post on YouTube
  6. Post messages on MySpace or Facebook
  7. Pass out flyers to parents picking up their kids from school
  8. Use sidewalk chalk to leave messages about books on sale (make sure to check with admin)
  9. Use the Index builder to post a list of who’s on which pages so students are excited to buy their book
  10. Write “Ask me” on a balloon. Tie it to your backpack and when people ask, hand out a flyer about the yearbook.
  11. Make a poster of a yearbook spread to hang on campus (see www.sircooper.com for posters as low as $10 each)
  12. Have a raffle for everyone who has purchased a yearbook by an advertised date

If you use any of these methods, we’d love to hear your results. Share them below!

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