“U is for Use Light Knowingly” – 4 Photography Tips to Help You Get the Best Light

atozpostcards_ufrontTired of orange/yellow gym photos? Over/under exposed photos? Here are some tips to get your photos to shine in the perfect light!

  • Automatic settings do not always give you the best exposure.
  • Be aware of your light sources. Light behind the subject gives a dramatic silhouette effect while light to the side often gives long dramatic shadows.
  • Use a minimum ISO of 200 for daylight shots and minimum 800 for evening or dimly light interior shots. Note: The higher the ISO, the more “grainy” the photo.
  • The slower the shutter speed (1/60 of a second), the more exposed the shot or the less light necessary. The faster the shutter speed (1/500), the less exposed the shot and the more light needed.

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