The Yearbook is Finished-What Now? (Part I–Projects)

Congratulations! All the pages are submitted. All the proofs are returned. The yearbook is finished-what now? Here are 15 constructive and educational things you can do right now with your students to round out the final grading period. Today we’re focusing on creative and productive yearbook-based projects.


Students should look through magazines and collect a variety of graphic ideas. Give students a list of items (with a specific number of required examples) to find such as headline treatments, folios, secondary story packages, drop or raised caps, wrapped text, pulled-quote or have them just find items they like and organize them in a way that is pleasing and makes sense to the reader. They should keep the notebooks for ideas for next year’s book. This project can be an on-going assignment throughout the year with additional requirements added at different points. Consider adding typography treatments, photography elements, page layouts, color design, etc.


This final project should include a cover, endsheet, title page, opening, division page and one spread from each section of the book. It can be an autobiographical yearbook with personal photos, essays, poems, activities, interests, etc. built around a personal theme determine by the individual (a favorite song, a movie title, etc.) or by a general theme topic assigned to all that each person will develop in his/her own way. Or, this can be a starting-off point for next year’s book. Students can work individually or in groups to produce a mini-yearbook that could potentially be expanded into next year’s book.


Each staff member creates a notebook to pass on to a new staffer for next year. Notebooks should include a month-by-month calendar of duties and deadlines, a section outlining the position’s tasks and tips on how to complete assignments, with specific instructions on copy writing, cropping, photography, organization, etc. required by the position. Then, have each staff member write a personal letter to the person who will be taking the position next year to include in the front of the notebook. These can be digital or actual hard-copy notebooks in binders or folders. Content is more important than form for this project.


Design an all-staff design contest for next year’s staff letterhead, business cards, staff t-shirts, etc. Each student submits his/her designs via formal presentation to the entire staff with explanation of their creations. After all presentations are made, secret ballot decides the winning designs.


Produce the graduation program, prom program, spring concert or play program, tickets, forms etc. as a fund-raiser for yearbook. Design resumes for students seeking summer jobs.


What end-of-the-school-year project do you do? We’d love to hear about it!

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