Year End Yearbook Ideas–Planning Ahead

So, the book is done and you’ve assigned a project to keep their skills up, but still need some year-end yearbook ideas? We think this year’s staff can help make next year the best ever by working on activities that help you plan ahead and create a sense of legacy. Building up a sense of staff pride can be a way to encouraged staffers to leave the yearbook program just a little bit stronger, the load a little lighter and the atmosphere a little brighter than when they joined the staff. Here are some activities to help toward that end.


Select next year’s staff. Ask other teachers for their recommendations for potential staff members. Design a written application for each potential staff member that includes information on prospective class schedule, extracurricular activities including clubs and sports as well as off-campus jobs and commitments. Consider asking for teacher recommendations and holding personal interviews. Then, be sure to celebrate and welcome your newly selected staff members at an introductory meeting/party where you can initiate them (kindly) into the Yerd world.


Why wait until next year? Think of how wonderful it would be to start the year with your theme selected, your cover in production and your ladder completed. Start a new tradition of this year’s staff picking next year’s cover. You’ll hit the ground running when school starts and easily make your deadlines.


Plan a complete merchandising campaign to sell next year’s book. It should have its own mini-theme, look, and “voice.” Create video and/or audio announcements and plan when and how often they should run. Write blurbs for parent letters or website announcements. Create the order forms for any summer mailing or for orientation days, back to school night, etc. Plan lunch-time activities to kick off your sale.


Go to a local spring workshop to generate new ideas and “get excited” about next year’s book. Select a summer camp to attend and organize fund-raisers to help staffers and/or the yearbook budget with costs. We recommend that at least your editor (s) attend something over the summer or in early fall to help with the planning process and to get a big dose of creative motivation and inspiration (not to mention the chance to hang out with a fun, positive group of other Yerds!)


Start selling ads for next year. Take this year’s book to advertisers to ask for a renewal ad. Design ads for potential new clients to take on sales calls as an example of what you can do for them. Brainstorm new potential advertisers. Practice the art of selling with role-playing situations so all staffers are comfortable with the process before heading out.


As you build in spring yearbook activities that develop a deep-rooted sense of pride and legacy, we’re sure you’re going to see growth not only in your program but in the characters of your staffers as well. And isn’t that a great way to end the year?

Next up–Part III–Even more end-of-the-year ideas!



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