December Checklist


Amid the hustle and bustle of yearbook deadlines, the holidays are upon us, too. So here’s your December checklist to help keep the craziness of yearbook to a minimum this holiday season. Merry, merry!


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Hand out/Send your holiday greeting cards to VIPs on campus, businesses, parents, etc. If the budget allows, include a See’s candy bar with it to those on campus.


images (1)Take the remaining group/club photos.


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Check progress of winter sports. Update scoreboards.


images (1)Talk to staff about attending JEA/NSPA convention in San Diego, CA in April.


images (1)If not done already, give portraits CDs to your rep to send to the plant. Have a “not shot” list prepared by the school photographer and arrange make-up pictures on campus.


images (1)Decorate the room and have a fun staff holiday party.


images (1)Update the hit list and re-post.


images (1)Clarify mini deadlines and the work load so that the winter break will not set you back on deadlines when you return.


images (1)Update ladder and make any corrections/adjustments.




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Plan for some much-deserved Holiday revelry. You deserve it!



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