Five Yearbook Holiday Ideas


We know how close you all are to your long-awaited Holiday Break, but here are five yearbook holiday ideas to get you and your staff into the holiday spirit.

1. Have a staff party.

We say this every year, but it’s true–the staff that plays well together works well together. decorate the room, play Christmas music or a favorite classic holiday movie, exchange gifts (we like a white elephant exchange–so much more potential for awesome pictures and memories), eat lots of baked goods and chocolate, drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

2. Make a staff donation to the charity/group of your choice.

There is no better way to capture the spirit of the holidays than to give to others. You can collect money, coats, toys, books…it doesn’t matter. Just choose an organization to partner with and see how much you can collect. It’ll bring smiles all around! Here are some great organizations that take donations to get your ideas flowing:

Toys for Tots

One Warm Coat

Holiday Book Drive

Operation Homefront

Donners Choose

3. Share holiday cheer with your faculty and staff.

Have everyone on the yearbook staff bring in either homemade cookies or delicious purchased cookies and during your staff party, create plates of cookies for each staff and faculty member on campus. End the party by delivering the plates and singing carols. An alternative idea is to host a faculty/staff holiday breakfast. Come in early one morning and decorate the faculty/staff room (if it isn’t decorated already),  and leave a table full of wonderful goodies they can come in and eat throughout the day. Trays of  fruit, pastries/donuts, fudge/chocolate, etc., as well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice, will go a long way to letting the others on campus know how much you appreciate all they do for you throughout the year. And you’ll feel great, too!

4. Work a shift at a local food bank. 

This is a lot more fun than you think! Put in a little time serving your local community at the food bank, then plan a fun activity to do together like ice skating, caroling in the neighborhood around the school, holiday window shopping, or holiday light sight-seeing.

5. Make holiday cards for children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital.

Contact the pediatric ward of a local hospital to work out the details. Then just purchase cards and decorate the envelopes, design the cards on the computer and print them out, or create them from good ol’ fashioned construction paper, holiday stickers and markers. If you really want to make an impact, set up a time to come in and do a little caroling and deliver the cards personally.

Whatever you choose to do in these last few days before your break, we hope it brings you lots of joy.

Happy Holidays to all our yerd friends and family–and Happy New Year, too!

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