January Yearbook Checklist

Happy New Year 2014

Happy Yerdy New Year! Here’s your January yearbook checklist, and if your head is not quite back in yearbook mode yet, just print this out and post it until the holiday cobwebs have cleared. (We TOTALLY get it!)  But don’t forget to concentrate on finishing up those pages for your next deadline. It will sneak up on you!

images (1)It’s tough to get back into the swing of production after the holidays. Head off the yearbook winter blues with a little winter celebration.


images (1)Get final information on winter sports, organizations and academics. Contact any adviser/teacher necessary to complete these spreads.


images (1)Find out how many books have been sold already and if necessary, plan a “last chance” yearbook sales campaign with the goal of selling out before delivery.


images (1)Check unfinished pages on the ladder and complete any signatures that you can.


images (1)Start putting copies of  “in proof”/”waiting for proofs” pages in a final bookbinder. Hole-punch the pages so they face each other in double-page spreads. Have the index editor look through the binder for any glaring mistakes that can still be corrected.


images (1)Update the hit list and start finding people who need to be in the book more. Offer awards to the staffers who get the most one-page people in their sections.


images (1)If you are doing book personalization (name stamps, name plates, etc.)  for the staff (or school), submit that list to your rep.


images (1)

PACEMAKER entries are due January 15th. Get the registration/entry form here: http://studentpress.org/nspa/awards/


images (1)Contact spring sport coaches for their season schedules to get a head start on those hard-to-finish spring sports pages.


images (1)Plan a fun Valentine’s Day fundraiser to bring in yearbook spending money for things like pens and balloons for the yearbook distribution party, or to start your spring convention travel fund.


That’s our January yearbook checklist. What does your staff do to ring in the new year?

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