eBusiness Yearbook Training Videos Make it Easy

eBusiness TutorialsAre you using Herff Jones‘ eBusiness yearbook site, but aren’t sure how to track book and accessory sales? Are you getting ready to turn in your personalization lists this week but aren’t sure how to generate your list for submission to the plant? Or maybe you know the site could be the answer to all things related to the business of yearbooks, but you haven’t even been to it yet for fear of the unknown. Well, Herff Jones has answers to most of your questions in a series of short videos on all the aspects of the eBusiness site, including reviewing and submitting your personalization lists.

For access to all the tutorial videos, click on the little help button in the top right corner of any eBusiness tab. Better yet, designate one or two of your yearbook students the Business Manager(s), and have them watch all the videos and begin the inputting process. They can also train others to help monitor sales of books and ads, plan marketing strategies, write thank you notes to all advertisers, communicate with the school bank clerk as needed regarding the yearbook account, and so much more!

Taking the time to create and staff a Business Manager staff position and using eBusiness can really make a difference in the big picture of book sales and ad sales. It’ll change the way you do yearbook business!

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