How Can I Keep My Yearbook Staff Focused?

Deadlines. Fewer words send a chill up the spine of a yearbook adviser. They really don’t seem so deadly, but when your students aren’t keeping on task and getting their work done in a timely manner, deadlines become an intimidated force. Clearly, the answer is to break up the components of the deadline into smaller pieces. But how?

yearbook wall-charts for organizingSeveral of our advisers use a deadline check off list. Basically, divide the parts of a deadline (copy, photos and design) into individual bites which will help students see each cog that goes into the larger wheel. Then you can either post these progress sheets on a wall in the classroom or, if you don’t have the space, keep them in a deadline binder.

Each spread is represented by one check-off paper. This particular school has color coded the papers to correspond with particular deadlines. Right now they are working on Deadline #1 (yellow paper) and they will remove each paper as that spread is completed and put into a final binder. Deadline #2 (blue paper) will start to go up on the wall next.

Another variation is to color code your sheets by topic (blue is sports, yellow is student life, pink is people, etc.)

Regardless of how you decide to organize, keeping track of progress helps students to “keep their eyes on the prize” and immediately see what’s missing or has yet to be done.

If you would like the Word document seen here so you can use this system for yourself, please email Michele.

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  1. May I also have a copy of this plus I saw your yearbook corner, may I get a copy of this also?

    1. Hi Pat,

      You should have received both via email last week. We hope you find them very helpful. Happy Yearbooking!

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