Modern Typography and Yearbook Design

We talk a lot about how yearbook designs should reflect current universal design trends, and that includes using modern typography. There are lots of ways to incorporate modern looks on yearbook pages, and one of the easiest but often most neglected ways to freshen up design is through font choices and designing your type in interesting and unique ways.

This nice article by Rachel Hawley at  (shared with us by our amazing yearbook adviser Allegra Ullrey at Leigh High Schooldescribes the rise of san serif fonts over the past decade and where she sees typography moving as we head into the new decade. At the end of the article Ms. Hawley says, “It’s too early to tell what the visual language of the 2020s will look like more broadly….In any event, it seems that our relationship to typography and design is at the precipice of a transformation, and I, for one, am excited to see what it brings.”

We are, too, and even more excited to to see how it shows up on your yearbook pages!

What do you think? Are sans serif fonts still going to be the “go to” for modern looks or will the 2020’s move toward a resurgence of serf fonts with a new twist? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


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