November Yearbook Checklist




The weather is getting chilly, leaves are falling, the days are shorter–which means it’s time for your November Yearbook Checklist. Go ahead–print it out and feel good about checking things off!

images (1)You should receive your cover and endsheet proofs. Review them carefully and check with your rep regarding all specifications (paper weight and finish, page count, supplements, etc.)


images (1)

Stay on top of events, sports, and activities that are ending. Get a few more photos or gather a few more facts to help create secondary coverage and/or infographics.


images (1)Create rewards for staff members when they finish their deadlines before the final day. Use the previously-taken pictures to make certificates and post them in the room.


images (1)SUBMIT YOUR FIRST DEADLINE! Then, celebrate your success!


images (1)Organize and conclude a pre-holiday book sales drive. Post a list of all the students who have purchased a book in a prominent spot on campus to remind and encourage others to purchase a book.


images (1)Run your index to keep track of of your student coverage. Update the “need to include” list and post it in a prominent location in the staff room.


images (1)Send Thanksgiving cards to the people on your campus who help and support you the most: principal, activities director, secretaries, custodians, coaches, particular teachers, etc. If budget allows, include a $5 Starbucks gift card to show you are thankful for them.


images (1)Use your staff photo to order personalized holiday greeting cards (online or Costco) to send out to supportive businesses and everyone on campus.


images (1)Start thinking about the number of books you will need to order. Check with your rep for the final date to secure your order.


This is also the perfect month to begin planning your holiday activities and parties. But more about those next month.


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