The Gift of Giving Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to teach students (and adults) about true joy than through the gift of giving. Many of you have wonderful, fun staff holiday parties that include some type of gift exchange. What if you were able to extend that fun to a local classroom that needs some joy, or books, or whiteboards, or PE equipment? We’re talking about a classroom right in your own community. And what if your students got to pick which classroom project to support and how much they wanted to give? Intrigued? Then check out

You can give to the classroom of your choice.
You can give to the classroom of your choice.

There are lots of projects posted on the site. To see the options in your local community, search by state and city, and even by school district or school name. It’s easy to find something that touches your heart or your imagination.

Instead of students going home from your classroom party with small gifts they possibly don’t want or will never use, help them go home with a sense of pride and a heart filled with joy, knowing they made school a better place for other students in their neighborhood or city. It’s the best holiday gift you can give them.

Happy Holidays!

Share the joy–let us know below what project you chose to support, and how you and your students made the choice.

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