Yearbook Goals: A New Year Without Resolutions

New-Year_Resolutions_listI hope you had a wonderful holiday!

It’s a new year, and that usually means resolutions–yes, even new yearbook goals and resolutions. While I’m not big on making new year resolutions (mostly because I’m not good at keeping them), I do think there is real value in reviewing and evaluating my situations, both personal and professional, and making adjustments where necessary to help me achieve my goals and dreams. But, this year, there’s more.

I recently experienced Giovanni Livera (yes, that’s the only way to describe one of his presentations), a high-energy motivational speaker and amazing magician (check out his book Live a Thousand Years and his biography: Something he said made me stop and reflect on my usual process of yearly evaluations. He said, “If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist on earth.” That really hit me–my goals and dreams, no matter how often I review them and adjust them, don’t exist because they are only in my head! So this year I’ve written everything down: my Bucket List, my goals and my dreams. I want them to exist on earth so I can experience them! Are you with me?

I’m trying something else new this year–I’m writing one dream and one goal on post-it notes and putting them on my mirror. I’m hoping that seeing these notes every day will both remind me and motivate me–there is something fun ahead!

If you haven’t ever written these types of things down before, start small. How about this: make time this week to write down

• 5 big dreams you want to do before you are 75

• 4 goals to accomplish in the first three months of 2011

• 3 big goals to accomplish by the end of the year

• 2 new things to try/experience before June

• 1 specific detailed goal to accomplish in January

Write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them everyday. Cross each one off when it is accomplished. And celebrate your success! Treat yourself to something wonderful each time you cross something off. Don’t be stingy with yourself–you earned it, and you’re worth it!

So as we begin on the journey that is 2011–may all your goals and dreams exist on this earth, and may they all come true!

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